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We are a wholesaler, a wholesale liquidator, and distributor for overstocks, customer returns, liquidation, surplus and closeout merchandise.

We sell only name brand items like:

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The condition of the product can vary. We carry wholesale pallets with new, overstock, closeout, returns and salvage condition. To ensure that you get the best deals that make you money we recommend buying by the truckload.

This wholesale bargain inventory we have makes you money! Now we realize if you are just starting out you may not be able to afford a truckload of merchandise or even may not be able to receive it, so we do offer the ability to buy wholesale pallets purchases on some items.

We realize that being in business requires smart inventory purchases and it is why we are the leading bargain wholesale liquidator on the planet.

If you are interested in buying smaller quantities you will need to sign up to the newsletter. Here is an example, buy wholesale sunglasses at a bargain price of 33% of retail and resell them to make 300%.

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