Where to source your inventory/merchandise for eBay?

Where the heck do people get those great deals to sell cheap inentory/merchandise on eBay?

Did you ever wonder where the power sellers go to get their inventory/merchandise to sell on eBay? I am going to pull the covers off the big secret. Years ago, people thought you could only make money by dropshipping products on eBay. Well like everything eBay has changed again. You can t do that anymore because the turn times from a good drop shipper will get you bad feedback ratings. In other words, it takes too long for the drop shipper to send it out and for the customer to get it. Thus you get negative feedback.

So where do the get the inventory/merchandise for your eBay business?

There are 3 places where you can get the inventory/merchandise you need for your eBay business. The first place is China. You have to buy it first hand from a supplier in China. If you have ever tried.  Its not hard but it is very time consuming, very un-nerving (you have to trust the people you are sending your money that they wont scam you and rip you off), and it takes along time for it to come to the country. Then you hope that it clears customs and that eBay doesnt shut you down for accidentally trying to sell pirated merchandise. (Speaking from experience, you cant trust any supplier in China even if you get the product).

Second place to get it is directly from the manufacturer. The problem there is they typically dont like to sell in small quantities or they can not sell to anyone but an authorized distributor. So they wont sell it to you because they cant, and even if they did you would not be able to buy enough for their minimum purchase requirement. Now what?

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