33 Iphone 5c Cell Phones for sale. Wholesale only.

Wholesale Iphone's

Where can you get Iphones at wholesale price to resell and Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon? Right here!

I am bundling these up. These are instant money makers. Dont miss out on these.

These are on Sprint/CDMA Band. You can easily have them switched over to Boost or Verizon. You own them for $288 and can sell them for $399 like hot cakes.

Description                               Quantity

iPhone 5C 16GB Sprint           27

iPhone 5C 16GB Sprint             4

iPhone 5C 32GB Sprint            2

  • They are all in good sellable condition. These are used.
  • ESN are untested. (Easily fix)
  • All units have been factory reset and are free of iOS7 activation lock.
  • These units are in bulk & bubble and do not have original packaging or accessories.


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