Discount Store Returns

Discount Store Returns
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What are we? We are a wholesale liquidator of overstock, closeout, store returns and salvage merchandise. We have been in business since 2013. We distribute name brand merchandise from major national retail companies and manufacturers. We offer you everything at cheap wholesale or bargain wholesale.


We are your wholesale central store for all you retail merchandise.

The term wholesaling, distributing or “Cash and Carry” like the call it in the UK is a term used for a professional service provided to businesses. That is how we view and conduct ourselves.

We pride our company on providing you with inventory so you can stock your store shelves or your online store.

We are the one wholesale market that will provide multiple products at affordable prices.

It does not matter whether you own a kiosk in the mall, small brick and mortar store, online store or something else.

We pride ourselves in doing the best job we can for you by scouring the wholesale directory to have the most inventory at the best available price.

By doing this we improve your wholesale to retail experience. With low prices and great service we will make you PROFIT!


So part of this business requires us to Liquidate our own merchandise and that of producers and manufacturers. In servicing our large clients, we are also liquidators of great brand new merchandise, distressed inventory, store return merchandise and more.

All of our online liquidation deals are put together with careful detail. We need to distribute this fast through our liquidation channel so we can help big retailers bring in new products. We also help our attorney friends liquidate their client’s inventory before the company or manufacturer goes bankrupt or out of business.

This is why our prices are so unbelievable!

We are always having a liquidation inventory sale.


What is a a closeout? A closeout or clearance is the final sale of an item or items because the seller needs to get rid of the product quickly.

The reason for this sale may be because a new model of that same product is coming out and the retailer needs to get rid the old inventory.

Or may be a particular model is not selling well, or some other reason like store closing or store relocation.

So now you have a seller, producer, distributor or manufacturer looking to get rid of brand name closeouts at a deeply discounted price.

That is where we come in as a closeout companies. We are in charge of moving massive amounts of inventory quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes when there is a new product about to launch these closeout companies cannot even handle all of the store closeouts on top of factory and or manufacturer closeouts.

That is where you come in and make bank reselling these items!

In closing, remember we are your bargain wholesale liquidation closeout overstock supplier. We can supply everything from store returns, salvage merchandise, closeouts and more.

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